Algorithms I, July 2nd



I’m sory, but I can’t seem to find my way around the forum. We should’ve started Algorithms I yesterday; I missed the live lecture due to a meeting that messed my schedule.
But I was expecting to find some info about the course, either on my email, or here, in a category, somewhere. Info like a link to the course’s syllabus or a shared GDrive folder for our submissions.
Can someone, please, point me in the right direction?
I took the course while it was being ran as a pilot version, but lots seem to have changed.

Thank you!


Hello Cristian,

I am also new to Coding Dojo. I did attend the lecture yesterday. In order to find out about the course and join the live class, you have to go to

Then, you log in through your facebook account. It should list the courses you are enrolled in. You can click on the Algorithms I course, and can see the syllabus there.

Hope that helps. Welcome on board!


Thank you, man!

It looks like I wasn’t enrolled for this time-frame, actually.
I did find my confirmation email to be… rather strange:
_Hi , _
Your seat is reserved for |COURSE_NAME|.

Reservation Details:
• Course begins: July 2, 2018


But, anyway. I enrolled for the next period available, being July 30th.

Good luck with your course! I’ll stick around on the forum.