Algorithms III - Calling All Devs!


Could use some more people in Algorithms 3! Where’s everybody at?!


Nobody has responded to my messages a month ago. I have assumed that the Algo III course has been cancelled automatically as well as other ones. Are you going to run this course again this month? I’m glad to join it if it’s not too late already. I don’t remember if I had reserved a seat for August series. I did for July, but it was cancelled without a notification.
If you allow to join a webinar, please, send me a link to this course. Thank you.


Not a dev, but pass me the webinar link and I’ll join. I tried to enroll in the Algorithms I, in June and in July, but they both got cancelled.

I believe there was a problem while migrating the community from the Slack channels over to the forum. I don’t want to misjudge, I find the forum OK, but boy! that introductive tutorial wasn’t goona end soon enough.
And the forum’s interface looks too desktop…y. I think many of the students were using Slack on the mobiles and did the chatting away from their desktops. I used both, but I preferred the mobile version of Slack. Better design, easier to use, notifications… I saw that many student that followed along with the Beta version of the courses didn’t show up once the forum was up and running.

I’m not saying it causes a lack of attendance at the live lectures, but it might be related: people giving up because they can’t keep in touch with the community in an easier way. Anyway, don’t lose hope! Your content is great, I’m sure you’ll find more persistent students.

I see Algos III is about Singly and Doubly-Linked Lists. I know a thing or two about these.
Although, in Romania we have a saying: One flower doesn’t make it springtime.


Please, send me a link to Algo III course and I will join it. The question still remains though: are you will be willing and/or able to dedicate funds and money to run these free courses?


Hey all,
Thanks for your feedback!
The class syllabus is the same:

Algorithms I handles Singly Linked Lists and Doubly Linked Lists. Algos III we cover BSTs, Tries, Hashes, and Bit Arithmetic.