[Cancelled] All September Algorithms Courses


Hi all,
We are concluding this month’s algorithms classes. However, we will run Intro to HTML, CSS, JS again 9/17/2018 which spans 2 weeks M/W/F at 9am PST. Enroll today at codingdojo.com/academy !!!

Algorithms will be most likely not be held for October as well. More on that as we approach the end of the month. Sorry about the start/stopping with our courses. Let your friends know about them! No experience necessary, just your time!



What about November or December?


Hi Sergey,
We’re going to shut down the Academy courses until 2019 when we have a new offering available. I know you’ve been very patient and adamant about joining our Algorithm courses. We plan to have them available in 2019 as part of our new offerings. Thank you for checking in and seeing if we’d be running the Algorithm classes again.