June Algorithm Classes (June)


Hello everyone!

New Algorithm classes for the month of June are available here! Join us live on the first lectures tomorrow morning!

Algorithm Series, I June
Mon/Wed/Fri @ 8:00:00 AM PDT
Week 1 Arrays 6/4 to 6/8
Week 2 Strings + Associative Arrays 6/11 to 6/15
Week 3 Singly Linked Lists 6/18 to 6/22
Week 4 Doubly Linked Lists 6/25 to 6/29
Zoom Link: https://codingdojo.zoom.us/j/319516868
Syllabus Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_jpboiAThCGVquwZuIBSQONe2RYnh7r_Ywa-Z-uzECw/

Algorithm Series, II June
Mon/Wed/Fri @ 9:30:00 AM PDT
Week 1 Queues and Stacks 6/4 to 6/8
Week 2 Recursion 6/11 to 6/15
Week 3 Sorts 6/18 to 6/22
Week 4 Sets and Priority Queues 6/25 to 6/29
Zoom Link: https://codingdojo.zoom.us/j/262169545
Syllabus Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cst4VmHxK7XBaFBVhAlmCAD1QtJQhQ4pjASkPTwNjkk/

Algorithm Series, III June
Mon/Wed/Fri @ 11:00:00 AM PDT
Week 1 Trees 6/4 to 6/8
Week 2 Tries 6/11 to 6/15
Week 3 Hashes 6/18 to 6/22
Week 4 Bit Arithmetic 6/25 to 6/29
Zoom Link: https://codingdojo.zoom.us/j/834485605
Syllabus Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hbsgaHHrgKrX3Rcfd-9hjBtWzpC9ZOZjyBtf7MroF80/

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Hello, Speros. I did not recieved results for Algo I Exam. Did you receive my code snapshots or it was not graded yet?


Hey @likejean, they should be in today by EOD.



will these be recorded by any chance?


All sessions are recorded and will be placed on your respective syllabus


Please, provide more descriptions for Algo II Homework assignments… For example, it is unclear what needs to be done on the following tasks:

SLQueue: Front
SLQueue: Contains
SLQueue: IsEmpty

SLStack: Top
SLStack: Contains
SLStack: IsEmpty

What exactly should be done with the front or top of the queue or stack, respectively? Contains what? What content we looking in the queue? Nodes or just its values? What are we comparing? The size of the queues/stacks? Or its stored values?


Hey Sergey (@likejean)

The algorithms here are only the titles for the challenges found in this link. You can CNTRL+F to find the question directly, or head to the Queues and Stacks chapter from the left hand navigation. Note that this link is temporary and we are in the process of creating a new version, much more user friendly, to be able to access the Algorithm material and challenges.


Thank you! I will look at this material.


Just posting a standard abstact diagram for the typical queue data structure…



Hi guys!
Can you please provide the video for Wednesday’s lecture of Algorithm Series, III ?
Thanks in advance


Hey @Anna, recorded lectures are included in the syllabus under the schedule (on the specific day).


Hello, Speros. Are we going to get exam results from May courses or should I forget about it?


Is this new forum meant to replace the Slack channel we’ve been using?


@Betalantz, I believe so but better for one of the Dojo staff to confirm. I eventually found my way here by way of comments either in chat or the class syllabus and since that time, chat in the Algos I (Slack) channel has completely tanked.


That is correct @jeremybwilson - I just posted a message on the general chat for Algorithms to clarify the reasons behind the change.


Hello, Speros. Thank you for responding my posts above. I’m really appreciated.


Thank you for recorded lectures!