READ ME before posting in Algorithms


Use the ‘Algorithms’ category to ask algorithm questions and have meaningful algorithm related discussions.

Pay it forward to the community by helping answer your peers questions, sometimes even giving a hint, or suggesting an alternate way of solving an algorithm can drastically help someone better understand an algorithm! Our community is full of various levels of algorithm knowledge, be mindful of that when responding to a question.

When asking an algorithm question

  • include the initial algorithm question
  • include your code samples
  • describe exactly where you are challenged

Simply asking for the solution to an algorithm is frowned upon and you’ll likely not be given the answer. Give our community as much information as needed for us to help you get unstuck and learn!

When helping answering a question

  • try not to give out the entire answer right away, alternatively help them get unstuck.
  • do not give misleading information or hints
  • be respectful with your support or answer
  • if you do give out an answer, first make sure it works
  • pseudo code is language agnostic, a good way to help your peers

When displaying code

Use the following format:
var x = 5;
Which will result to:

var x = 5;