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The purpose of this forum is to serve as a support tool for those learning algorithms through Coding Dojo Academy, and Coding Dojo Bootcamp. With community driven peer-to-peer support, and Coding Dojo Instructor support, this is a fantastic place to get help when challenged by an algorithm. Here you are encouraged to discuss, ask questions, and help answer questions relate to algorithms. Please be sure to follow our simple rules:

Be Humble - Everyone in our community has a different background, with a different amount of previous experience, understand this, and stay humble when helping your peers.

Be Respectful - As you read it, Coding Dojo Academy, Onsite and Online all share the same first two rules, disrespect or bad attitude will get you kicked from the forums and black listed from all Coding Dojo services.

Strength through Struggle - Not quite a rule, though very important, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you won’t learn all algorithms over a weekend, it takes time, patience and a relentless amount of practice.